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    North Lake – Two Headed Beast

    Our collective's sixth physical release to date and the first in a longer string scheduled in 2015.
  • 1

    Kitkaliitto – Pleasure Disorder

    Featuring six outstanding pieces taken from a decade worth of improv sessions
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    B.O.M – Abracadabra

    B.O.M is yet another incredibly promising young Swiss producer from Basel to join our expanding Clubwerks crew
  • 1

    FORZA.07 – Destructure

    Four big-room techno cuts that are bound to be the soundtrack to epic festival and nightclub moments in the hands of like-minded performers.
  • 1

    Trampique – Opscope

    "Opscope" is Alex Frolov's third album in 14 months under the Trampique guise
  • 1

    Jeremy Meeks – Diamonds

    "Diamonds" is a step further for Clubwerks into the housier realm of electronic music
  • 1

    FORZA.06 – Bricks

    For our sixth release we turned to UK-based duo Bricks for a monstrous four-track EP that fits perfectly in our eclectic catalogue of peak time techno tracks.
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    TRVE – Away With You

    Four field-tested tracks that conjure a wide variety of sub-styles and gimmicks in newer and older house music.
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    Arapaima – 89 Love

    Arapaima's third EP to date is packed with new and exciting melodies in his lighthearted, uniquely naive signature sound.
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    Miajica – Second Spring

    Miajica takes a groovy expedition into very different musical territories on his "Second Spring" EP. Available April 13
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Origami Sound is a record label housing 6 imprints focused on showcasing high quality eclectic electronic music that transcends fads and genre names.

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