'Jovian' is the sophomore release of UK-born, now Bordeaux resident SHALT, an EP that conceptually lands somewhere between techno/grime hybrids and radio storms on Jupiter. This EP couldn't have had a better theme, as the music could easily soundtrack volcanoes on Io hurling gas into the Jovian magnetosphere to create a torus.

SHALT explores a range of visually intense sound textures on all four tracks - alien, muscular, metallic, mechanic, abrasive yet oddly comforting - that are a breath of fresh air in the scene and more than welcome here at Clubwerks. Gently crackling matter, stripped back club-ready percussion, undulating sonar signals and the overall intriguing listening experience make this one a standout for us in every way.

No two tracks are alike, each has its own oddity factor and that's what makes listening fun. As long as you immerse yourself, which isn't hard to do, you will enjoy this bold mission.