An escar, in geological terms, is a long linear ridge in the superficial drift, including various pieces of gravel of considerable size, whose arrangement took place probably under water over which icebergs floated.

The parallel is easy to draw with Escar’s self-titled debut EP, since every track is a musical piece of considerable size, all pertaining to the same strata of linear quality and fantastic sound design, all sharing an underwater realm feel as well as a distinctly melodic (yet technoid & breaky) organic nature. Angular, erratic blocks of sound are often deposited on the escar, and they beautifully contrast with the euphonic nature of the compositions.

Another example of Danish producer Natal Zaks’ handsome aliases, Escar’s musical vocabulary is topical and elaborate and his new sound, as usual, evocative of states of mind unlived before. Escar playfully binds a sense of the sublime with concrete, contemporary techno, making this release a stunner in every way.